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24,750 tonnes maize silage

13,250 tonnes rye silage

Full biogas production of 850 cu m/hour achieved 15.11.12

Current feed ration is 68 tonnes of maize, and 36 tonnes of rye per day.
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Potential production of 26,000 tonnes of liquid, and 8,000 tones of solid digestate per year.

Will take the place of bagged inorganic fertiliser on farms growing feedstock.

Will provide circa 4kg Nitrogen, 1kg Phosphate and 2kg Potash per tonne of material.

Consists of many other beneficial nutrients and will act as an excellent soil conditioner on our chalk soils.

Usage on all crops will significantly increase food production in arable crops, and grass production for cattle.
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Started generating electricity 30.03.12

Producing circa 10 MW/day

Around 5 MW/day being utilised to power all the plant, therefore exporting enough for 500 x 3 bedroom houses averaging 3300 kWh/year

Hoping for 8300 hours operation per year.
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The first Biogas from any large scale AD plant in the UK was cleaned and injected as Biomethane into the National Grid on 11th October 2012

The aim is to produce minimum 96% pure methane which then has propane and an odouriser added to provide circa 400 cu m/hour for injection into the local gas grid network as 'green gas'

The plant will produce enough gas for the annual requirements of 3,200 new build houses. The gas will spread through the distribution network to around 4,000 homes in the winter and 56,000 homes in the summer.