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Potential Odour Sources & their Mitigation

Delivery & Handling of Feedstock ~ Potato pulp and any animal manures will be transferred into the underground slurry store.
Silage Clamp ~ covered with a cling film material, a polythene sheet and bird cover to seal in and protect.
End-substrate ~ After processing in the AD Plant 90% of the biogas has been removed and with it sulphur and other compounds that can cause odour. End-substrate is virtually odourless and can be spread on farmland without ‘creating a stink’

Common Sound Levels in the Environment Sound Level

0 Threshold of hearing
20 - 30 Quiet bedroom at night
30 - 40 Living room during the day
40 - 50 Typical office
50 - 60 Inside a car
65    AD Plant Engine (at 10m)
60 - 70 Typical high street
70 - 90 Inside factory
100 - 110 Burglar alarm at one metre
110 - 130 Jet aircraft on take off
140 Threshold of pain